Wet Banana

Find Your Mood Match with our slogan tshirts and sweatshirts



Do  you give a shit about the environment?  Do you want to stop buying "fast fashion"?  But still want to treat yourself and have lovely clothes? Do you want to give yourself a voice without even opening your mouth?  Are you a bit knackered or pissed off?  

Yep - you've come to the right place!  

We guarantee to provide you with fun designs that have a bitter twist, to make you look so much better than you probably feel!!!!  AND we're Peta approved Vegan too!

You can look your best even if you're not feeling your best!

(and without harming the planet or your bank balance!)

We have a growing collection of organic, slogan t-shirts & sweatshirts that are funny, moody and ready for those of us who are quite simply 'winging it' through life!