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How we are supporting


If you are able to spare ANYTHING at all then please donate to Shelter Homeless Charity.  Together we can spread kindness and love - even if we are all a bit knackered and grumpy at times!!!

The continued support we try to offer the homeless community was all started by my son Marlowe, who at the time was probably only 3.  He has the most amazing sense of morality and is the kindest person I've ever met.  Over the years we have helped him to fund-raise for various charities.  He started with some little things like baking gingerbread men to sell, then he started to sell some of his drawings and prints which I helped him to make.  By this point he was raising a good few hundred pounds.  Enough to sponsor a room at Centrepoint in London for a whole year.  Last year, we helped him to organise a silent art-auction,, raffle and food and clothing collection.  He even went as far as to design a logo and sell printed tshirts himself - we raised over £1000!   This money was presented to Two Saints in a special school assembly and featured in their magazine.   He has befriended most of the homeless community where we live, and is always dishing out warm hugs, snacks and bags of useful items he's collected from his friends or around our house.

Supporting those who do not have a place to call home is so important to us - please do help if you can.  And if you don't want to donate money, then maybe next time just offer a little bit company and conversation for these guys. x