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Wet Banana

Find Your Mood Match with our slogan tshirts and sweatshirts

Find Your Mood Match with our slogan tshirts and sweatshirts

Find Your Mood Match with our slogan tshirts and sweatshirtsFind Your Mood Match with our slogan tshirts and sweatshirts

Where does all the inspiration come from?

About our Wet Banana


So, I guess some of you may be wondering why the bloody hell I chose to call my business Wet Banana...?

Well it all starts with the most enormous baby...

Back in 2014 I gave birth to my second (and final!) child, Heidi who was a whopping 10 lbs.  Yes TEN pounds!!!  She was (and still is) so squishy and cute.  She was (and still is) enormous.  However, she barely eats.  Every mouthful of her very limited acceptable menu is an exhausting bribe.  We literally don't know why she's so friggin' huge!

So years have gone by, and we have ALL battled with her to eat food beyond spaghetti bolognaise, yogurt and plain carbs.  And then one day, one exciting day when hell temporarily froze over, she came home from pre-school and proudly told me .....    "AT ME SCHOOL TODAY, I LICKED A WET BANANA!!!!"  I did have to verify with the staff that she meant just a normal, fresh banana and not some other kids willy - luckily it was the former.

There was another day when I collected her and a teacher had put a note in her bag, telling me she'd "licked her melon at snack time" - personally I just think this sounds fucking hilarious.  I can imagine getting an expulsion letter telling me they can't have her in the school anymore because she licks her melon in front of the other kids!

Kids are weird huh?

But, they can also be a great source of inspiration when it comes to naming your business!


Where do my ideas come from?


Where do I get my ideas from?  Mostly my kids to be honest.  They manage to individually and collaboratively, create endless situations whereby I am laughing so much that a tiny bit of wee comes out (2 kids - one was 10 lbs remember!), am totally exasperated and pissed off with them for being such dick-heads,  or just kinda perplexed and confused.....

However - they both have such a strong sense of whats right and wrong and will not take your shit lying down.

On the one side I have Marlowe (he's approximately 56 trapped in the body of a 7 year old).  He's like some kind of Mother Theresa for the homeless community (you can find out more about him on the "charity" page).  He wants to be the future Jeremy Corbyn and create world peace and equality.  He is super awesome at looking after people when they're down, and has maturity and awareness way beyond his years.

And on the other side I have Heidi.  She's currently 4 years old (but the size of an 8 year old!).  She is like some kind of animal rights activist and environmentalist.  She has been telling EVERYONE to make sure they don't throw away any plastic as it can pollute the seas and "kill the fishies".  We don't / aren't allowed, to throw away any single use plastic so we put it all into Eco-Bricks (you can find out more on Eco Bricks by visiting

She is an avid vegetarian and went a whole week without speaking to her father because he ate meat when we went out for lunch.  We could not figure out what her fucking problem was that week, but she eventually told me.  When my husband promised to eat LESS meat, she just looked him dead in the eye and said "No Daddy, you are to eat NO meat. Ever!"  I love her passion and commitment.  She's sassy and hard as fuck!